snapebraille4tu: (Don't Stop Believing)
2016-09-18 07:34 pm

Happy Birthday, Hermione!! ❤️ (It's Sept. 19th on her side of the world!)

Oh what fun I've had, fleshing this little idea out. Hermione and Severus have been near and dear, and I feel good about the end result. First of all, none of this will make a lick of sense if you haven't already read Mermaid Pearls by [ profile] mywitch. Also, in my mind, their island? It's one of the outer, magically veiled islands of Orkney. They fell in love with Orkney some years ago. [ profile] lenaa1987 told their love story beautifully with her story Reel a Around the Sun. If you haven't visited these gorgeously told tales, oh my are in for SUCH A TREAT!!!

[ profile] mywitchand [ profile] lenaa1987 I am still, still, on such a high. I hope my little homage to your stories will make you smile.

Of Pearls and Skin )