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Well, it made sense in MY head.

*taps finger against lips*

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Thank you to Teddy Radiator for encouraging me to take this leap of faith. ❤️

"His gaze returned to hers. Those obsidian eyes of his were banked fires, always on the verge of conflagration. “Well, let’s see. On occasion, you have thus far compared me to-” He ticked them off with his long, slender fingers. “Red wine, a panther, silk, an eel…” He paused, giving her a narrow-eyed look that was Snape braille for ‘thank you’. “And chocolate."

- from "Language, Apprentice" by Teddy Radiator

When I read this, I thought, "SnapeBrailleForThankYou" would make a KILLER fanfic name...I must ask Teddy if I can use it!" She graciously agreed, and well, there you go. It has followed me to LJ, and I am grateful to have a name that conjures so many excellent images and meanings for me. It had to be shortened to SnapeBraille4TU, but now you know why I chose that name.

I am fairly new to the SS/HG World. I am not a writer, or an artist, but I do love to tell stories with photographs. I devour the written word. I appreciate the fact that so many talented people have created a myriad of stories retelling and reimagining a world that I've been in love with for ages. Thank you!

My avatar is a pic of my New Favorite T-shirt. And yes, I hear it in his voice. Every. Single. Time.
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